If you're looking for a fancy resume, you won't get one from us. You won't find any color or graphics or cutesy borders on our resumes. In fact, when we apply these secrets to your resume, your phone will ring like crazy as hiring managers try to persuade you to come in for an interview. (I practically guarantee this will happen, but more on that later) Your Resume Has Three Goals The first goal of your mid level resume should be to avoid the trash can. Your resume's second goal should be to get noticed. Third, convince the hiring manager to call you for an interview. This is not easy. The average hiring manager will receive scores of resumes for any given position. Once, when I was hiring for a marketing assistant, I received 163 resumes. As I began to sift through the pile, I was generous. I kept resumes in the "maybe" pile that probably should have been tossed. But after the first 20 resumes, I knew I had to move faster. And so I began to look for reasons to disqualify candidates. If I saw so much as a misspelled word poor formatting "canned" phrases empty boasts or a weak objective I killed the resume. I felt No Mercy And No Remorse Listen up. Most hiring managers do the exact same thing. They're busy, and they don't have time for you. So when they finally get to your resume, all it takes is one mistake, one false move, and your resume gets dumped faster than you can say "circular file." That's Why You Need The Services Of A Professional Resume Writer like Resumestime. When you hire me and my brother as your professional resume writing team, you'll automatically be ahead of at least 95% of all other job applicants. Why? Because we will apply the little-known secrets of writing winning resumes to your resume. The majority of job applicants are totally ignorant of these secrets. Secrets like How to make sure your resume gets read—even when 75% of them are overlooked. The one thing you must not say on your resume if you want an interview. How to use "power verbs" to make your resume compelling and easy to read. What to say on your cover letter to make sure your resume gets fair consideration. How to write an effective job objective. (Almost nobody knows about this simple little trick!) Add this minor detail to your cover letter, and you'll get interview calls before anyone else does. The most common resume error that destroys your chances of an interview—and how you can instantly correct it. We will apply all these secrets and more to your resume and cover letter. That's why, when you apply for the job you want, your resume will stand out. It will literally force the hiring manager to pick up the phone and call you to schedule an interview. Sound like a fantasy? It doesn't have to be. Once we are done with your resume You'll Be In Demand It's not at all uncommon for our clients to have multiple interviews lined up after they use our resume writing services. And that means you'll have options.
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